Morning all. Mon 15


Less than 4 weeks to go. 27. Have a good day guys.


Good morning @steve1 and liners. Cool here but Florida is still in the 90's. Have a great day.


Good morning! Single. Digit. Dance!


Good morning! Moved into the 30's today- 39 days left!


Hello Steve, not long now!

Hello @gabmom & @snowwhitenyc (single digits!!!) & @jlyn

and hello other liner peoples!

142 here - quite a long way to go for me.


36 Good morning everyone!


Good Morning! 4 days!!!!!




59 until we hit the road. Got our fast passes last night!!! smile


@snowwhitenyc, WooHoo! Yay for single digits!!


Hope you got everything you wanted!


Howdy neighbor!


Good morning neighbor! smile


Good morning! 113 until Pop. I love all the short countdowns!


Hello Steve and hello Liners! 12 days til I get to conquer me some mountains! Why, you ask? Because they're there and because I'll be at Disney, that's why!


61 for me. FPP day for me tomorrow....


54 to Food & Wine (which I am debating adding a day at the end to)
212 to Disneyland (which I am getting super excited about)
369 to WDW with the whole fam at POFQ with "free" dining.


Just got a new countdown! 67 til my epic 40th birthday trip!! smile


Looks like we'll be in the World about the same time. We've got 24 days to go.


17 until my epic "solo" trip for food and wine extravaganza with @happykaren and @GlitchVonSchweetz and @Sorcerers_Apprentice and several other amazing liners.

54 until hi jinks with @KeliJ, @TianasPlace, @MaccysMousehouse, @MDU, @kellymouse, @HappyKaren, and who knows who else. Liners are awesome. That is all.

114 until Disney Marathon. So I guess I better not get banned.... Lol.