More Yacht Club deals in September!

More Yacht Club deals in September! 50-60% off. Yowza.


I bet this is in response to a tremendous number of recent cancellations following the mask mandate re-instatement as well as the rise in cases making people uncomfortable with travel.

Good news for those who are still able/interested in going! Wish I could take advantage.


Right now all the hidden deals seem to stop on September 14th, so curious to see if they roll more out as we near the end of the month or if they will be holding out as the 50th celebration date approaches.


(Engages Kaa voice and eyes)Yesss……yessss pleassse cancel your September trip… yesss…


I love Kaa


Yes, please! We just need them to go out one more week!

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This is why I count you among "my people " :heart:
(Well, one of many, lol.)

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Hey, trust in me :smirk:




FYI: Updating the ratings database for my UOR matcher and seeing Royal Pacific for $299 in August. BUT, note that the non-refundable deal only saving $19 per night over direct booking after all fees & taxes.

do any of these deals typically come up outside the 30 day cancellation period if you already have an existing reservation at WDW and want to attempt to upgrade your resort via hotwire?

Try room only and you get a shorter cancellation window and purchase your tickets separately (you can always change the dates on your tickets to a later date if you have to cancel your trip and just pay the difference).

Sure, Hotwire released deals earlier this year that ran all the way to the end of the year. Priceline has done the same in the past.
But lately most HW deals were in the 3-8 week out range.

Overall, the tactic of booking a cheap hidden deal likely easier to use with a room only reservation and that shorter 5-day cancellation window, though.

I usually book a refundable room only and then hope for a good hidden deal to show up before the 5 days hits. :slight_smile:

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Hurryyyyy october

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