More questions about TIPPING

A couple of tipping questions:

I signed up for the Disney Dining Plan. I read on a post from 2016 that you can tip using the Credit Card attached to your magic band. Is that still accurate? I’d much rather do that than carry cash.

Do you tip at a Dessert Party? I’ve never been, so unsure if there are servers, like a buffet, for which I would tip.

We are having dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table, where I read tip is included. Do you leave something extra?

We are eating lunch at Be Our Guest (so it will be quick service) but I feel like BOG is it’s own animal. Are there any servers to tip?

No (or at least we didn’t)
Up to you
No (well servers bring food to your table; I am normally a generous tipper, but didn’t tip BOG servers)

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Agree about not tipping during dessert parties. Staff only takes away your plates when you’re finished, you serve yourself.

I’m super disappointed this thread has made no mention of cows.



:rofl::rofl::rofl: @ryan1 I’m from Texas, so cow tipping definitely came to mind. I actually giggled to myself when I re-read my subject line before posting.


Well, it IS Disney related, after all (sort of):



Yes I agree with @bethro23.

With the Disney Dining Plan: at a table service restaurant, you will scan your magic band at the beginning of the meal. Then, the waiter will bring you a ticket at the end of the meal. On that ticket, you will be able to see the tax owed and it will give you a choice of two suggested tip amounts. Check the amount you want to tip. The waiter will take that away and add up the tax, the tip you chose, and anything you ordered beyond what’s included on the dining plan. Then the ticket will again be presented to you to sign. That total you owe will automatically be charged to the credit card linked to your magic band. We love the dining plan and always sign up for it, but the first time we did it, we hadn’t really budgeted for how much the tax and tip would come to on a $250 dinner…or two…or five! All those taxes and tips added up to quite a sum on our credit card, but it was all worth it. Lovely to have everyone just order what they want and not consider the price of each entree…Also lovely to let older kids and teens get their own snacks with their magic bands!

At Cinderella’s Table, you may ask to add to the already included 18% gratuity when you get your ticket to sign. You can charge it to the credit card linked to your magic band.

We have done BOG for both lunch and dinner. At dinner, you receive a bill where you add the tip and it will be charged to your linked credit card. At lunch (quick service), you order in a line and get your own drinks, but one of a bevy of staff members run the food out to your table. We were told that they are not allowed to accept tips.

We have never done a dessert party, so I don’t know about that scenario.

Have a magical time!


I have always either added the amount I want to tip or I write “cash” on the tip line.

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Thanks @mariaelaine85! I love a thorough explanation. I’m a visual person and this all makes sense now.

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Tax is included with the dinning plan you are only responsible for tip. Now if you order off the dinning plan you are responsible for all of that cost.