More days or Clearwater Beach?

Ok…here’s a tough one. We may have an opportunity to spend a few more days in Disney. We were originally supposed to leave early Friday morning, but we may actually be able to stay until Sunday. The problem is, POFQ doesn’t have availability for Saturday night, so we’d have to check out Saturday.
Our other option is to leave Friday morning, as planned, and spend Friday and Saturday in Clearwater. I’ve never been and it looks beautiful, so I’d like to get some beach time, but would I be better off spending more time at Disney?
We are getting a full 7 days there, so adding the additional and checking out Saturday would be 9 (assuming we check out and head to the parks). I suppose we COULD try to check into another resort for the day, but that seems like a hassle.

What do you guys think? Is 7 days plenty or should I really try to get the 9? Keep in mind…this is our first time at Disney.

With seven days in Disney, I say tack on the beach!! Clearwater is beautiful, and it sounds like you’ve never been, so it would be a bonus experience. It’s almost like getting a sneaker 2nd vacation! :wink:


my family and I love Clearwater the nicest beach and relaxing

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I’m spoiled because I live 45 min from one of the most beautiful beaches in the US (Pensacola), so I would never spend time on a “WDW” vacation at a beach. At the same time, 7 days is about my WDW limit. Were it me, I’d use the 2 days for Universal.


Although Clearwater is lovely, I would do what @bswan26 says and spend two days at Universal. It’s a fab park and shouldn’t be missed!


We did 7 days at Disney and ended with a few nights at St. Pete’s. It was in October. It was fantastic. Got to relax before heading home and felt we did everything we wanted. We have had similar relaxation at Deluxes with a beach but it wasn’t quite as nice. Fort De Soto is nearby with great canoeing/kayaking.

The only concern I see is that you have two nights. Three would be better as you only get 1 full day there. Checking into another resort at Disney is less of a hassle than (possibly renting a car) and driving a couple hours to Clearwater. Disney moves the luggage for you. With just two nights I would probably choose a Deluxe vs. Clearwater.

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We actually just realized that we’d have to go West before going home and it would increase our drive home from 8.5 hours to almost 12 hours. So, IF we make a beach trip, it’d probably be Daytona or St. Augustine, since it’s on the way home. — Definitely not as fun since the water isn’t as pretty!