More ADR Trouble?

The second day of ADR for our split stay opened this morning and I made it farther this morning than yesterday but with the same results.
I was able to see available times for CRT, BOG, GG and TH all at the times I wanted but each and every time when selected the time, I then got this page:


When I closed and tried again, the available times were gone :tired_face:

Wow! They really need to fix this!

I just wanted to share that I was successful in making a reservation on the app a few minutes ago. It was for August, so a different time, but maybe it is working again?

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When I try to look at ADRs on the app, I can only select dates out to mid-August. The calendar doesn’t even scroll further than that. My ADR day is tomorrow… I’m planning on using the website, but if there are issues, I’d try the app.
Anyone else seeing weird app stuff like that? I just downloaded it, so it’s not like I have an old version…

It has been miserable. My ADR day was last month & I had so much trouble making ADRs. I ended up having to call & make most of them because the site was so wonky. I also had issues with the app. Sorry you’re going through the same thing. I had hoped that they fixed it :frowning:

I ended up calling the reservation number to make some of mine. It has been a mess the last two days. It has been very frustrating. This afternoon I was able to book one online successfully. Persistence, I guess. But frustrating nonetheless
I hope you have better luck!!

This is a known glitch on the app this week, make sure you use the website tomorrow. Also, I booked ADRs on Monday and had no trouble, so hopefully tomorrow will go smoothly for you.