Moral Turpitude

We are planning to visit WDW later on this year, from the UK, and have got our ESTA’s already.

However, I’ve just been reading some things that makes me wonder if we need to get a visa for one in our group who has a very old (over 25 years ago) criminal record that includes “moral turpitude”.

Anyone know the facts on this?

Have you contacted the US Embassy?

Did there ESTA get clearance?
I would definitely contact the American Embassy, get them to verify it’s ok for them to travel (if it is)
Security is very tight in the US.


Yes, their ESTA went through fine, however the wording of the questions there do not mention “Moral Turpitude” so there was no issue at that point.

I’m going to point them at the US embassy for advice but was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on this. i.e. Is it an automatic ban from entry? Or is it all done on a case-by-case basis?

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Sorry, I have no knowledge of this situation :confused: I would like to think they would be fair and do it on a case by case basis…but as I said security everywhere is getting super tight, I’m sure the Embassy will put them straight.

I thought it was only the things they ask about in the ESTA form you had to declare, but it’s definitely worth asking the embassy - it would be terrible to get there and not be let in.

Now I’m off to google ‘moral turpitude’ …

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When googling, I found this which may help. It has some specific examples.

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After reading the offenses that don’t constitute “Moral Turpitude”, I’m not sure what’s left that DOES. Maybe I read it wrong…


You need to check in w/a US immigration attorney. My buddy Daniella Lyttle could likely sort you out–immigration’s national in scope. (512) 215-5225. I first skimmed this and read that your were traveling w/25 people and I do feel of the 2, this issue’s hopefully more surmountable? But talk to a pro.

I had to google it too! :wink:

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