Months and months of planning down the drain

Well after our 4th Northeaster in 3 1/2 week, DD has gone over snow days. When I planed the trip I added in for 3 but now at 4 so they will be going to school while our trip will have started. They were scheduled to get out on the 13th of June so I booked our trip to start on the 17th. Now school will go to the 18th or 19th and finals on the last day. So trip canceled? I book a accessible room with a king and a double which there are only a few at All Star Sports. The little voice said to see if the room was available the next week and just book that. Great it is available but the free QS is not so even with the new 25% off deal it is still $400 more then what I had. Then the voice said don’t rebook just add to your trip you have now. So I did and just added 6 days to the end of the trip. So now when we find out what the official last day is we can subtract days. Now I have to book ADRs for the days we might miss.

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I feel your pain. I spent 9 months painstakingly planning our first trip and had to cancel outright. Broke my heart! My family didn’t want to reschedule, so now I am planning a solo trip instead. Not what I had envisioned, but I will still get there! The good part is you found a way to keep your reservation. That was creative problem solving!

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Any way she can write her finals a couple of days early?

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I’m so sorry! I hope that your modified trip goes well. Good luck with those ADRs, and remember that you can use the reservation finder to help if the ones you want aren’t available right now.

Not sure yet, she will talk to her guidance counselor next week.

I got all but Ohana dinner and BOG lunch.

This. I know sometimes if you can prove you already had non-refundable things like plane tickets they will make exceptions… Just a hotel room that is cancellable though (it’s unclear from your post) might be stickier.

No plane tickets we drive. I have until May 15th to cancel and get my money back, but I will only need to cancel a few days in the beginning and maybe a few at the end to fit in our 7 day trip.

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This winter has been brutal. DS is at 7 snow days so far and they are one day over the number they have built into the school calendar. Luckily, he’s only in 3rd grade and his teacher had no issues with him missing the last day of school. It’s really though to try to figure out the end of the school year before March. Good luck!

I would talk to the school. They should keep finals the same day as planned. I’m sure your not the only family with planned vacation.


I would get a quote from Magical Vacations Travel. Maybe they can get you the week after and save some money! I am in the Boston area watching the snow fall right now… UGH is it Disney time yet!!!

I’m so mad at the GD groundhog that I’m afraid of what I might say to Chip & Dale about their cousin.