Monthly Disney Subscription Box

Does Disney itself have a monthly subscription box? I vaguely remember something they put out early this year about treasure hunting, or solving a puzzle or something. That’s over right?
I’m looking for an idea for my MIL for a xmas gift and thought disney of the month would be perfect.
If there’s not one that’s disney sponsored, what one have you used? There’s like 18 billion on the market and I don’t want to get rooked buying a crappy box.

They have a new one out now for kids, a Disney Princess box. I signed my daughter up but haven’t gotten the actual box yet. Don’t think they have dresses in adult sizes though :wink:

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I don’t know of one, but I think it sounds like a lovely idea!

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I think we’re just going to buy her a theme park ticket for our upcoming trip in april instead. The boxes seem very geared towards kids. Which totally makes sense, but does not meet my needs.

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Try Mickey Monthly. We ordered a box for our trip planner last year and got to choose the type of things we wanted in the box. She loved it. They have varying prices depending on box content and size.

I have considered several times signing us up for a monthly box but just haven’t committed yet.