Monsters Inc

Anyone know why this is so popular? I mean, I enjoy it, but there are no mornings left. I’ve noticed this before.

I would try refreshing. And if you already have FPs for the morning, you won’t see those times. But I wouldn’t waste one of my first 3 FPs on that, especially in the morning. I’ve gotten an extra FP for it in the afternoon and it was quite easy to get.

I actually think they do not offer FPs until afternoon. I don’t think the explanation is that it is a very popular attraction. I think the explanation is that it is a lower tier attraction.

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Good point about other FP bookings, but I had nothing booked yet. That was all the available times left at 30 days.

@PrincipalTinker - I wondered if that was the case. They don’t want people booking this in the morning for a throwaway to get more FPs on headliners.