Monorail to Poly after parade

We have a 4pm res at O’hana. Will we be able to catch the afternoon parade at MK, hop on the monorail and make our reservation?

Which direction is the parade running these days ? If it starts next to the firehouse, you’ll be fine. As soon as the end goes by, rush to the monorail and you’ll make it. If the parade starts in Frontier Land, the front won’t get to the end of Main Street until 3:20 or so. By the time the end comes around, you will not make a 4 at O’hana.

The boat is also an option. If you leave MK and see that a boat is just arriving, it can be just as fast. If you have to wait, the monorail comes more often, but if there’s a big crowd waiting for the monorail, sometimes the boat can save you time. It seems like not as many people take it.

I would try to watch the parade at Pecos Bill’s, leave past PoC, by Cystal Palace, through Casey’s and the stores. I agree with @SallyEppcot, I would get on the boat.


From what I’ve read it starts in Frontier Land. So it won’t really finish up front until 3:40ish?

Good to know that the boat is an equally fast option. @PrincipalTinker, do you think I’d make the trek through the stores fast enough to beat the parade with DDs 6&4? Plus 5 adults.

I did this two weeks ago. I needed to get to WL in time for a 4:10 DME. I got to WL right around 3:35. Of course I got right on a boat that waited for the rest of he pre parade crowd to leave . We passed the parade about half way down Main Street . It will be close but possible. I think with the boat even if you get stuck you will not be more than 10 minutes late. You would be fine.

Awesome. I’ve got a request in the res finder to hopefully get just a slightly later time at O’hana, but it’s good to know this is a possibility if we have to cram it. Plans have changed on other days so that we might not see the parade when we had planned. I REFUSE to miss it entirely, as this is our first trip!

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Disney is pretty lenient with reservation times. This past trip, we made about 25% of our reservations on time. I was told by a Cast Member on the phone last April when I called from the line of Toy Story Mania concerned that we’d be late that it was nothing to worry about and that there’s a definite grace window of 30 minutes and often more.

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It starts in Frontierland, so no, you won’t have time.