Monorail time of day

Any tips on favorite time of day for monorail if just for the round-trip sightseeing from Tomorrowland? Any times of day to avoid? Last time I was on it was before California Adventure was built.

One thing to be careful of is to watch the times. On my visit we waited too late and they were only running trains out of Tomorrowland but you had to get off at DTD and we would have had to walk back

We rode last night after fireworks. They close the MR and reopen after the fire department has cleared the area around FL. We had to wait a few minutes but it was not bad. Also it can get hot in there so on a warmer day, either ride early or wait until the sun goes down. Yesterday was over 90.

As @OBNurseNH mentioned, starting at 11:30 you cannot ride into TL so no round trips.

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