Monorail Resort Loop to TTC?

After the fireworks at MK how long does the line for the express monorail to TTC have to be to make it worth it to take the resort loop to TTC instead? Does anybody do this? I know there are a couple of stops before TTC but sometimes after the fireworks if you are not real close to the exit the lines for the express are really really long.


I would agree that the express lines are really really long after the fireworks. If we do happen to leave right after the fireworks, we always take the resort monorail. There is just one stop at the Contemporary before the TTC. I think it’s faster even with the stop.

I wouldn’t even call it a line. It’s a mob! If the resort monorail is an option and you’re not at the front of that mob, I’d say use the resort monorail. Probably be 10x faster. I’ll have to check next time although I swore I’d never do it again! :slight_smile:

If the monorail lines look awful, you might turn your eyes towards the boats to see how those lines are. You could take the boat to the Poly and then do a 5-7 minute walk to the TTC. The challenge is the boat lines.

Has anyone ever walked to the Contemporary and was able to get on the monorail to the TTC?

Yep! The walk to the Contemporary is only about 10 minutes. You go upstairs and can catch the monorail from there. The only downside is that you have to go through security to get on the monorail…even at the hotel.

Thanks we are doing the dessert party fireworks Thursday, March 29, 2018 and was wondering about the lines getting to the TTC. Hoping to ride a few more rides after the fireworks but just trying to think of a plan.

Just so I understand. What is the benefit of walking to the Contemporary to catch the monorail to the TTC? If there are lines for the express loop and the resort loop at MK when you get to the Contemporary those monorails will be full of people that got on at MK with no room for more at the Contemporary.
Am I missing something?

I’m not sure, just trying to see what my opinions are after the fireworks hoping to do a few more rides after the show. It sounds like you have done this a lot more than I have, what is the best way to get to the TTC the quickest? Does anyone know how many people really get off at the Contemporary?

cropofmoss - I only have a couple of trips under my belt and the last time we were there we left right after the fireworks and the line for the Express monorail to TTC was a mob scene. I kept looking at the resort loop with no line and wondering if that went to TTC. When we got back I realized it did so I just want to be prepared for next time to see what our options are hence the original question. So my plan is if the express is a mob scene jump on the resort loop. I assume there is no line for the resort loop because people don’t know that it eventually gets to TTC with only one stop before (I didn’t know when I was there last and there are no signs to indicate that). Then you brought up walking to the Contemporary to catch the resort loop to TTC and got me thinking. I’ll try anything to save us a wait in line but I just don’t see how that will be any faster. Unless there is a huge line for the resort loop at MK then I could see the walk might help.
Hoping somebody will chime in to let us know.

Hitting up some rides after the fireworks is a great idea. Just trying to walk down Main St after the fireworks is usually crazy and time consuming. Waiting for the mob of people to clear the park makes whatever transportation you take so much easier and faster.