Monorail Refurbishment and Limited Hours - 2017

Hi All:

Been trying to find answers and haven’t seen this addressed recently. I understand that the monorails at WDW were on limited hours a bunch in 2016, and the new Guide says that was the case in 2017 as well. However, I can’t find anyone commenting recently online about the hours.

We are 20 days from our trip, staying at Polynesian and wondering about relying on monorail transportation to MK and EPCOT.

Anyone who has been recently who can comment on monorail hours?



We were there in mid-June (not sure how recently you’re looking for!), but it was consistent for us. It opened right around 7am (we even had EMM at MK one day and we opted for the monorail to save us some walking - we were at CR). Not sure when it ran until, but we had a few rides after HEA one night and had no issue getting back to the resort. I had seen a lot on the chat about it being down regularly, but we didn’t experience it. Maybe we were just lucky.

Thank you for the information!

This updates every Monday, Straight from WDW:


@disneybroadwayfan Thank you. This information was harder to find than I thought it would be. I appreciate it!