Monorail refurb?!?

I just saw a post on disboard that said starting February 26th the magic kingdom monorail is under refurbishment and schedules are impacted. Does anyone know if this includes the resort line and how big of an impact it is? I realize there can always be monorail issues just wondering how big this is.

The monorail is perpetually under refurb. Most of the time the impact is not noticeable, but check with cast members during your trip to assess availability as well as alternate transportation options

Here is the times schedule. It does not reflect a schedule closure? Am I missing it?

From The Dis/WDW Info page about refurbs:

“Monorail -The monorail is under refurbishment until further notice and may have modified service or routes depending on park hours. You should check on the day of travel the best option to use. Alternative transportation options may be available.”

This is from about a quarter of the way down on this page:

This has been posted for years

I just don’t think it is true any longer.

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