Monorail questions

I can’t find a good map showing the monorail. From the park map on the DL app, it looks like the monorail goes through the GCH. Is that right? It’s been 10 years since we’ve been to DL but I don’t remember the monorail going through the hotel. How many stops does the monorail make and where are they? Thanks!


There are two stops per

  1. Inside DL, in Tomorrowland.
  2. Outside DL, in the Downtown Disney District station (must have valid theme park entry).

The monorail does pass through GCH, but does not stop there.

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On the app where it looks like it might go through a small part of the interior it’s going under a covered roof area that connects two buildings of the GCH. It does breeze through the courtyard areas, but it’s all exterior space and as mentioned above, doesn’t stop.

The downtown Disney stop (in between Star Wars Trading Post & Disney Pin Traders) is a really short walk 2-3 minutes from the hotel’s entrance to Disney Springs, so if you’re wanting to ride the monorail “to GCH” that’s where you would go. The other stop as mentioned, is inside Disneyland and because of that to get on it anywhere you’ll need to have park admission.

Lucked out to get a very cool room at GrandCA last summer- right over the monorail. It was super quiet so I had no idea, and we didn’t hear it at all until we checked out the balcony the morning after we checked in… What a surprise!


Thanks y’all. I appreciate your help. I guess if it’s that quiet that may be why I never noticed or paid attention to the monorail when we stayed at GCH years ago.

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Just adding this here from the official DLR site:

Beginning July 5, 2023, the Disneyland Monorail will be closed for refurbishment. Please check back here for updates about when it will reopen.