Monorail QS Lunch

I am going to be visiting in late July, and plan to leave the park most afternoons and hit the pool before returning in the evening. However, I do want to view the Festival of Fantasy Parade while I am there. My plan was, on one of my MK days, to have lunch at a monorail resort, to get away from the crowds and take a short break there, then head back to MK for the parade. Which of the QS restaurants should I pick?

Captain Cook’s at the Poly is generally the most beloved of the monorail resort QS choices. But I don’t think you can do poorly opting for any of the 3 so I might just suggest picking the resort you most want to spend time at and eat there…

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Captain Cooks is delicious and I can’t recommend it enough. You can eat inside or out and both are peaceful, comfortable locations.

We also have really enjoyed the meals we have had at Contempo Cafe. I just tend to prefer the theming of Poly over CR. I find, too, that the concourse where Contempo is located is very loud owing to Chef Mickey’s, the monorail, and the openness of the space. As breaks go, it’s not a quiet place to have one.

I’ve never had anything at Gasparilla, so I can’t speak to that.

I loved Contempo Café. I have not done the one at the Poly and I am the weird child who does not like the whole ethos of the Grand Floridian (I’m just not that posh) so I try to avoid going there if at all possible.

It’s pretty frou frou. I’m not especially drawn to it, though I do hope to have a stay there once just to have the experience. I do enjoy the restaurants there, having had meals at 1900, Grand Flo Cafe, and Narcoosee


So happy to hear good things about contemp cafe. As we’re staying at BLT this time.

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