Monorail for Magic Kingdom Rope Drop?

Good morning everyone. We are staying at the Polynesian for the first time this April. We have stayed at the Wilderness Lodge in the past and we always try our best to be at the parks early for rope drop. Looking back at past itineraries (I have a planning obsession problem) At the WL we typically were on the bus by 7:20 and were at MK security by about 7:45 and gates opened at 8:00 for 8:30 AM early entry. Now that we are staying at the Polynesian my thought is that we will be using the monorail for transportation to MK. From what I have read it seems that the monorail starts to operate 30 mins prior to park opening, does this mean the first monorail comes through at about 8:00 AM and monorail riders get to MK later than those taking the bus?

I would walk over to the TTC and take the ferry. It starts operating before the monorails usually.

I’ve heard 1hr prior. I don’t think there is an exact official time?

It’s definitely more than 30 min before, though like with bus schedule they don’t tell you that. We could see them running out of our resort room window in 2019. Would probably get there 50-60 min before if you want to be near the front? Others may have more recent info.

We are early risers so if the monorail is running that early we can be ready for it. Doing a little more digging I saw a few websites that corroborate what you said here about it running earlier than what is posted: