Monorail Epcot to Magic Kingdom

We are staying at Disney Swan. To get to Magic Kingdom I know we can take monorail from Epcot to MK. Do we have to wait for Epcot to open at 9am to walk up to gate to get monorail? Secondly, when you get to transportation centre at MK, do you have to go down off platform and over to line to get express monorail to MK or is there a way to just walk right from Epcot monorail to express MK avoiding long waiting line? Alternatively, can you walk right off Epcot monorail onto resort MK monorail? We have always had a car and never stayed at an onsite resort. Thank you!

You would have to take a taxi/Uber to get to the Epcot monorail station unless the park is open and you walk all the way to the front of the park.

Easier just to take a bus or Uber to MK.

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Will you have park hoppers? From the Swan you should take the bus directly to MK. If you took the monorail, you enter Epcot (using a park ticket), walk through Epcot to the front gate; monorail to theTTC; change lines and then go to MK.


Thank you! yes we will have park hoppers. So at the transportation centre, I am assuming you need to get off Epcot monorail, then get in line to go to MK express correct? No special short cut?

No special short cut. It will also take much, much longer than the bus. The bus is the same bus usually as the BW.


Thank you!!

Just to be clear, you can take the monorail if you’d like to, but there is a bus that will take you direct to mk that will pick you up just outside of the Swan’s entrance, that will be picking guests up every 15 minutes about an hour befkre mk opens.

Unless I was at a mono resort, the bus is the only way I go to MK - even if I drive to the other parks.


Thank you for the advice. We will take the bus to MK, then maybe monorail back when not in a rush.

That’s a good plan. Leasurely stoll back. Maybe stop at a food/drink kiosk or grab a coffee. Take in the sights and smells of WS and then the lagoon hotels before arriving back at Swan. Can I tag along :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just a quick fyi.
If you like ice cream, Ample Hills creamery is a great stop on the Boardwalk. It’s basically at Swan’s back door, between Epcot and Swan. If you like pools, Epcot, Hollyweird, and GOOD food, you’ll like Swan as much as me. The price is just icing on the cake.

Thanks for the tip! We love ice cream. Do you have a suggestion for eating with kids (7 and 10). We don’t get there till about 8pm first night so want something not in parks and right there, but good food :slight_smile:

Hehe…that sounds like a perfect plan…we love coffee and food :slight_smile:

You might wanna look into the hours that The Fountain is open. Picabu will definitely be open. The sandwiches at Fuel are much better than you might think, and they also have self serve froyo. If you wanna check out the Boardwalk, I’d eat somewhere at Swolphin (Picabu or Fountain) then walk over to Ample Hills. Swolphin also hast other fancier places, that are well worth your time. You could check on Cabanas, and eat by the pool. Depends what you’d like. Picabu is kinda no frills, but decent, Fountain is like a diner on the middle of the hotel walkways. There are places on the Boardwalk, and all of the other Epcot area hotels are well within walking distance. PLENTY of places to eat.

For Uber to MK, I have read about dropping at Contemporary and walking to MK in order to avoid transportation centre. Is this option still allowed without an ADR at Contemporary? I can’t find a new post on this since 2015 but read somewhere that Contemporary security was clamping down on this?