Monorail Crawl.... need some suggestions!

Okay, taking a friend - both of us early 30s. I’ve been frequently in the last couple years, but this is her very first trip.

For budget we are in the Disney Springs Best Western (because that’s how public school teachers do spring break). We had the option to do an evening in Animal Kingdom, but when given the option she opted for a monorail crawl… I think it was the mention of cocktails.

I’m thinking start at CG to get a drink at the California Grill Bar (any tips on making this happen and being able to return later to watch HEA - please share!). Then head to Poly for a bit of food and cocktail at Trader Sams. Finally, head to GF for something eat and a drink at Enchanted Rose.

Goal is to head back to CG to go up for HEA if possible.

Anyone done something similar? How would you time it? Is it really as simple as just getting a drink at the lounge at CG and they just let you back up to view HEA?

I have never done the CG lounge, but, from what I have read, if you dine there and have your receipt, you can return for fireworks viewing (show receipt when you return).