Monorail crawl after park close?

I plan to be at MK on Friday, 9/18, which closes at 6pm. My group thought it would be a good opportunity to do a little monorail crawl to check out a couple lounges that evening. I am trying to figure out the transportation aspect, so interested in y’all’s opinions!

We are staying at the Swan and have a car. My plan was originally to drive to the Contemporary for a “breakfast” reservation at the Wave, just to avoid the bus and the TTC. Leaving the car there during the day, we planned to use the resort monorail to get to the GF for the Enchanted Rose, before continuing on to Tambu Lounge at Poly and finally the Wave Lounge at CR. However, now I’m hearing that the monorail may only be running for an hour after the park closing, which would probably leave us stranded at the Poly with our car at CR.

Is there another way to get between Poly and CR? Or would you just go ahead and park at the TTC for the day and then do CR first post park closing? Any other suggestions?

We recently stayed at the Poly and had dinner at CG. It was close to 10:30 pm when we finished and the monorail wasn’t running. But there was a MK resort bus that picked us up and took us back to the Poly.

Oh excellent. Hopefully would be able to use that in reverse then, maybe as long as a TS restaurant is still open.

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I wish they would keep transportation running later for resort hoppers / dining. Maybe they will do so with such short hours? I know that some restaurants even within the parks are reportedly accepting reservations after official park closing, so it’s possible they’ll keep transport open later.

Also keep your eye out for the walking path between MK and GF. It is reportedly finished - I bet it opens whenever the NBA is gone from GF. If you got stranded at Poly, you could always walk to CR (about 1.5mi, so quite the hike). Or you could start at Poly, then go to GF, then if monorail is closed, you’d be close enough to walk to CR without too much exertion.


I think you will be. The bus driver said he was just driving between all the MK resorts that night. I feel like he might have said until 11 pm (but I am not 100% sure about that).


I canceled my 7:30pm CG ADR because I could not figure out how Disney transportation would get me back from CR to WL at about 9pm when MK closes now (grrrr) at 6pm

They will get you back. Go grab a CG ADR!

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I have a 5:30pm one my other MK day :heart_eyes:

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That’s a good call too. I’ll keep an eye on the path in the next couple of weeks. Worst case can take a Lyft if we truly get stranded somewhere but hoping Disney offers something around the resorts.

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They stole your idea, only it was before the park closed. Looked like fun.

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THANK YOU for sharing this! They showed a sign in the video that there will be bus service between the resorts after the monorail stops until 11pm, so this solves all our problems.

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