Monday Sept 30 Crowd Level 1

Hi. My husband and I are bringing our 4 kids from Australia for our first Disneyland trip in Sept/Oct. I notice that Monday 30th September is a Crowd Level 1 across the resort. Other sites are saying 5/10 (Undercover tourist) and Is it Packed is say “Yup. It’s packed” for the same day.
Can anyone tell my why the difference? It says Rosh Hashanah is that day. Is that affecting crowds? Will there be parts of the parks closed or restricted on the day? Thanks for any help

Edit: Missed this was DisneyLAND. (I hate that this forum just has the generic “latest posts” rather than just in one section per thing - very confusing.

All of NYC is out for Rosh Hashanah - but most of us stay East and go to WDW. So everything else I wrote is irrelevant.

Bottom line though is ALL crowd estimates (yes, even on here) are guesses.


Thanks, yes I saw that it’s the last Main St Electrical Pde that day too, which we’d like to see. That’s why I’m wondering why a 1 when other sites are saying 5+…

Sorry - just edited my other one. I hate that this forum groups all new or latest in one thing rather than making you go to individual sections. I missed this was Disneyland - the other forum I use you have to specifically be IN the section for a park so it is obvious much more than a little change of rectangle color.

The fact that all are guesses is still relevant. Different people use different stats and info. But like predicting the weather, no one knows for sure what will happen.

Just got back to the hotel from DL (day 1). Had a great day. Did rope drop and mostly followed a plan. Missed out on a couple of rides but will hopefully get to them on day 3 (DCA tomorrow). If anyone else was at the park today would you have classified it as a 1/10 like touring plans had predicted?

It was extremely busy in my opinion. I am terrified what it will be like tomorrow when it’s predicting a 3/10 for DCA… Saying that, the “Is it packed” site predicted today as being packed…(see my previous post above)

Touring plans also says that there are fireworks tonight but they are not. I understand that touring plans say that the schedule changes but it changed a month ago. Do I get the feeling that Touring Plans is not particularly interested in keeping up to date with Disneyland Resort calendars and time tables…maybe that should be a warning for those paying for the subscription (like me). Some of us can’t get all the way to Orlando.

Never heard of IsItPacked. Kind of a cool name for what it does!


Monday’s have been crazy lately. I am guessing that it will be less crazy tomorrow.

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It just occurred to me that yesterday was the last day for MSEP, so that also probably added to the crowds.


The historical crowd calendar says yesterday was a 6/10, so definitely not a 1. Mondays seem to tend to be busier so I hope today at DCA and tomorrow at DL are much quieter for you!


If it felt busy, it was busy. Low crowd days, especially 1s, feel like a dream. You simply don’t notice the crowds (except maybe at a parade or fireworks, but even then it’s not oppressive). The good news is that the other days probably won’t feel worse and will probably feel better.

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There is a LOT of data for TP to keep up with on their site. I’m sure they’re doing their best but they would appreciate a tip through their feedback channels on the site if you notice anything off. In my experience they have been very responsive to feedback.

This year for the first time ever I was at DL on a 1/10 day! It was August 29th. I remember walking by the Rivers of America and turning to my daughter in wonder because it was wide open. We both were in awe and the kids we were with (DLR newbies) thought it was crowded!


Thanks all. I did contact TP over a month ago querying the 1/10 listing for Monday 30th Sept (no reply?) and I queried it on this forum (see first post). It was saying a 1/10 right up until yesterday. They only changed it to a 6/10 after the fact. I never would have taken my family to DL on a 6/10 day. I’ve been planning this trip for over a year down to every little detail. We’ve come from Australia so planning was very important to us. I picked days to go based on the info I had. I have a husband who hates crowds and waiting in line. This was his biggest reservation about coming to DLR. Thankfully we did rope drop and managed to walk onto Millenium Falcon and then Big Thunder and Pirates. We got a FP for Haunted Mansion and then short waits for Small world, Autopia and we managed to get FPs for Buzz Lightyear and Indiana Jones. By then it was about 2pm and all other fastpasses were for after 5pm and queues for other rides were all 40min plus (up to 120mins). Also in our favour is that our kids (and husband) didn’t want to do the big rides (Space Mt, Matterhorn) or wet rides (Splash Mt). There was no way we were getting on those on Monday with the crowds. Luckily we also got to meet and greet with Chewy and only waited 5 mins (my sons top priority) and mobile ordering was a life saver. We couldn’t believe we didn’t have to wait to get food. That was very cool.

In all we managed to make the most of the day and had fun but left by 3pm and didn’t come back as we were exhausted. Was feeling like I wasted my money on a park to park ticket.

As this was our first experience of DL, my ideas of it being a 1/10 day were very confusing.

Yesterday however was a completely different day. I paid for MaxPass. We rope dropped DCA. We were second in line at the gate. Walked onto Guardians (scared the life out of us in a good way!) and basically walked onto every ride including incredicoaster and got fast passes all day on RSR, TSMM and Soarin (my favourite!). We were done by 2pm, went back to hotel for dinner then returned to DL at 7pm as I had fast passes for Fantasmic. While we were at the hotel I got FP’s for Indiana Jones and Big Thunder (how cool is that!) and when we got there we were blown away by how beautiful DL is at night. We did IJ (twice as there was a glitch in the ride where the lights weren’t working so they let us get back on again) then managed to book another FP for Star tours as we were walking towards it to get straight on then over to Big thunder just before Fantasmic. Got a standing view which was ok then as soon as that finished we bolted to Millenium Falcon as there was only a 20 min wait. I guess as Halloween Screams was on then (we don’t do Halloween in Australia) it worked well for us. Best day ever!

We still have one more day and were going to go today but we needed a break. Will probably do a similar day as yesterday next Tuesday. That will allow us to get to maybe some shows and redo favourite rides. We didn’t even get to Toon town yet.

Sorry this was an extended post. I wanted to get it all down as I may do some travel blogging/info in future to help others particularly from Australia.

Thanks for all your guidance so far. Disneyland really is magical!

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