Monday Sept 30 Crowd Level 1

Hi. My husband and I are bringing our 4 kids from Australia for our first Disneyland trip in Sept/Oct. I notice that Monday 30th September is a Crowd Level 1 across the resort. Other sites are saying 5/10 (Undercover tourist) and Is it Packed is say “Yup. It’s packed” for the same day.
Can anyone tell my why the difference? It says Rosh Hashanah is that day. Is that affecting crowds? Will there be parts of the parks closed or restricted on the day? Thanks for any help

Edit: Missed this was DisneyLAND. (I hate that this forum just has the generic “latest posts” rather than just in one section per thing - very confusing.

All of NYC is out for Rosh Hashanah - but most of us stay East and go to WDW. So everything else I wrote is irrelevant.

Bottom line though is ALL crowd estimates (yes, even on here) are guesses.


Thanks, yes I saw that it’s the last Main St Electrical Pde that day too, which we’d like to see. That’s why I’m wondering why a 1 when other sites are saying 5+…

Sorry - just edited my other one. I hate that this forum groups all new or latest in one thing rather than making you go to individual sections. I missed this was Disneyland - the other forum I use you have to specifically be IN the section for a park so it is obvious much more than a little change of rectangle color.

The fact that all are guesses is still relevant. Different people use different stats and info. But like predicting the weather, no one knows for sure what will happen.