Mom's Panel 2015

Hello ya’ll I was thinking maybe we could start a support group for those of us who have started the Disney Mom’s Panel process. I just pulled the trigger on my application. I feel pretty good. Quick questions, from those who have applied before how long before you got a round 2 notification? Good luck!!!


good luck @crissyrose!!!

Good Luck!!

good luck @crissyrose!!! I second the support group idea! I submitted my application (first time) on Monday!

I was curious as well about how long they wait to contact people for round two:)

Good Luck to you all as well. Please keep us updated on your progress, I’ll be spreading an extra measure of Pixie dust for everyone!

I applied too! This is my third year to try! So here’s hoping third times a charm! Let us know if any of you get picked for the second round!

Good luck! I applied too. I found a blog post about the timeline and it looks like round 2 invites are mid-October. Here’s the link. It’s old but some other applicants said it’s pretty accurate.

I’ll definitely keep anyone and everyone who wants hear updated if I hear anything! I heard that it would be a month at least so I’m trying to get into a habit of checking my personal email daily so I don’t miss it!

I also applied and have my fingers crossed! I thought I read somewhere on the site that they won’t notify applicants that don’t make it to the second round. So I was worried that I would be checking my inbox way past when I needed to.

@crissyroseJust checking in to see how everyone’s wait is going? This brings me back to the days of waiting for college acceptance letters:) haha Good luck to all:)

I’m glad I saw this. I’m a pretty regular reader of the chat feature, but I’m not here on the forum very much at all. I did apply this year, but I thought I was out of the running already since I didn’t hear anything about Round 2. I guess there’s still a chance based on what other posters are saying in this thread. Good luck to everyone!

Well boo. I just got the email today and no luck. I guess there is always next year. Good luck to you guys though!!!