Mommy/daughter trip. What was I thinking?


I have a feeling I’ll be active here this weekend and thought I should say hello! My 7 year old and I fly out tomorrow night for our first ever “girls trip.” At this point, I don’t get nervous about Disney but this trip has me totally out of my comfort zone for a few reasons. My husband isn’t coming, It’s our first time staying at a value (only have stayed deluxe, I feel like a diva!) and the trip is really short- 2 days of hopping and one rest day/Halloween Party night. Transportation has to be strategic and MDE being basically useless is throwing me for a loop as well. I have us at HS Saturday morning because we have Alien saucers fast passes (slinky has to wait for February as the little one won’t ride) but I really would rather do Epcot first, break, and hit HS at night so we can make fantasmic and charaterpalooza. I don’t know why I’m stressing this so much. My plan is bad and I don’t make bad plans a habit. Someone set me straight! (If you read this whole mess, bless you Disney friend!)


Hi @erin80! I wish I could send you comforting, “you got this” words but I’m right there with you with the panic. I leave in 9 days for a quick trip to WDW with my three children. It will be our first time attending without my husband or another adult to help out and the first time we will stay at Port Orleans French Quarter. Like you, we are doing a two days in parks and MNSSHP. I feel like I am all over the map with my touring plans and at this point I think it might be better to just beg someone else to make me one and tell me what to do. =) I have no doubt that your trip with your daughter will be fabulous! I hope you will report back and let us know how it goes. I’m kicking around a mother-daughter trip in November before our APs expire and will probably make a decision once I see whether I survive this upcoming trip. Hopefully it works out for both of us!


I did a solo trip a few years ago with my then 9 and 7 year olds. I was nervous, but it ended up being the BEST trip I have ever taken with the kids. The fact that it was just me calling all the shots made planning so much easier. They just did whatever I said was next- no DH to ask about restaurants, rides, etc. It really was a fun trip. We are headed there for Thanksgiving Week (this morning I am up early waiting to make FP reservations) and I am so much more stressed this time b/c DH is coming and I feel like the trip has to be “better” so he doesn’t get grumpy about the crowds and wait times, if that makes sense. Try to just enjoy this time with your DD. She is going to be so happy just being there.


Thank you for the kind response! I’m definitely letting irrationally stressed and I think I’ll relax as soon as we get in the air tonight. I hope your fast pass selection went well and that you got everything you wanted!


Thanks! It went great, thankfully. Safe travels and looking forward to a trip report!


Thank you so much for the reply! I hope you have an amazing time! I think us mommies hitting the road alone with kids are pretty awesome. How lucky are our kids?! Are you all dressing up for the party? I don’t really have much of a touring plan since my little one doesn’t “do” big rides. I made a scavenger hunt list with the bonus being “try a new ride” as the bonus. This is really only the second time we have been to Disney during a non-peak week. Due to work schedules we are the Christmas, Easter, presidents week people usually. I’m upgrading to an AP so hopefully we will make it back at least one more time after the big February extended family trip. It’s funny but I feel less stressed about planning for 8! Thanks again for taking the time to reply!


I did HS as RD on a Sat (the 8th) and TSL as everyone has said is VERY hot! With nothing inside, so unless your evening time is actually after dark, you are making the right choice going there first thing.


What value are you staying at? I have never stayed deluxe - I am an ‘only sleeping at the hotel’ Disney person, so I never wanted to spend the extra money, I can stay longer at a value :slight_smile:


We are at All Star Movies (at least I hope so because it’s 7:22 pm and I haven’t received a text with my room number yet!) We can only justify staying at Deluxe because I rent DVC points, mostly through a friend who only charges me $10 a point. Last year I paid for the equivalent of one night at BLT but stayed 6. All Star Movies looks adorable though, I’m excited!


Going with just your daughter and being able to just do what the two of you want without worrying about anyone else sounds divine! Have a blast! And keep us all updated on the trip when you have the chance!


It will be great! What a perfect time to take it slow and see it through you daughter’s eyes. I desperately want a mother daughter trip but have not been able to figure out how to do it without seriously hurting DH’s feelinga.


I know what you mean about the DH. Mine seemed fine with it but I think he has some serious FOMO right now :frowning:


Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln…I don’t like All Star Movies. I’ve been here 5 hours and so many things have gone wrong. Long story short, my one bag to be delivered isn’t here yet, I couldn’t get through to anyone, I emailed the GM and then he called me 10 minutes later now he’s coming here and wants to give me a fast pass, which is lovely but I would rather just take my bra off and go to sleep because it’s almost 2am and I want to be in a park in 7 hours. Boo hoo I’m exhausted


Sorry you’ve had a rough start. Sending Faith, Trust and Pixie dust your way!


Oh that stinks. Hopefully they make it right for you! Maybe they will upgrade you :wink:


Hope you get your bag and some rest so you can go and enjoy the day! Hopefully sleep in a little since you can use the extra FP for a ride you would have done at RD.


Sleep helped, a LOT! Tomorrow is our last day and we had a great time. No regrets just a lesson learned about Magical Express!