Modifying reservations

We have a trip planned for 14 days in October next year. My husband owns his own business and whether or not we can stay for 14 days is dependant on what is happening at the time with his business. We will for sure be staying for 7-10 days since he will be shutting down. I know that I can cancel up to 30 days before without penalty. I will go ahead and make our dining reservations for 14 days at the 6 month mark, and I will also go ahead and schedule our fast passes at the 60 day mark. If we aren’t able to stay for 14 days, and we have to shorten our trip to 7-10 days, will I lose my dining reservations and fast passes causing me to have to start all over, potentially not being able to get the dining and fast passes we want?

  1. You can only book dining for 180+10. So you won’t be able to make those last 4 days at 180
  2. Anyone can book dining inside of 180 so as long as you change plans inside that window your dining reservations will stick
  3. Fastpasses are a different story. If you cancel a resort reservation, and do not rebook within a few days, those will be dropped as well. If you rebook for further than 60 days away, I am pretty sure they will fall off then as well. So fastpasses you’ll probably be doing over

I would just be shortening/modifying our stay. I wouldn’t be completely cancelling. We’ll be staying at Carribean Beach.

Then if youre inside of 180 for ADRs and inside of 60 for FPP, you are fine.

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