Modifying Park Reservations?

Is this new, or am I just late to the game (as usual)? Today I had to change some APR’s around and I started by canceling the ones I wanted to change. At some point in the process, it came to a screen where there was a “Modify Reservation” button, which I blew past before I realized what I was looking at. So, I canceled and rebooked the ones I needed to change. I am trying to re-create that pathway for reporting here, but I can’t seem to get to the screen. Have any of you been able to simply modify your APR’s?

I have never been able to modify an APR though other people have been able to. I don’t know what the circumstance in which they could was. Here is what it says on the APR confirmation. Notice the last sentence.

Cancelling or Modifying Your Reservation

If your plans change, please be sure to cancel or modify your theme park reservation. Here’s how:

  • Visit My Plans
  • Select “View Details” for the theme park reservation that you’d like to cancel or modify
  • If you wish to cancel, select “Cancel Reservation”
  • If you wish to modify and are eligible to do so, select “Modify Reservation”

Note: You can modify your reservation date or reserved park. Please modify or cancel prior to your originally scheduled arrival date. Bonus reservations and reservations made in connection with a Resort hotel stay cannot be modified at this time; you’ll need to cancel and rebook


I have never been given the option to Modify…only cancel. I have tried on both the website and within the MDE app.

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Oh, that makes sense. My original APR’s (I think) came out of the AP “pool”, so that’s probably why I got the option to modify. When I rebooked, I booked under the AP with a hotel reservation “pool”. When I then tried to go back and see the “modify” option, it wasn’t there.

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