Modifying Park Reservations

I had a scratch Park Pass for MK on 12/18 made around a month ago. When looking at it in MDE I only see a “Cancel X” option. I went to make a new reservation for HS on the same date and right now it shows I have 2 park passes on 12/18 and it didn’t cancel the MK one.

Looking in MDE, the HS one doesn’t have the “Cancel X” option. Can you hold onto 2 park reservations for the same day legally now? Could you use them both? Is it legal but takes up 2 of my 6 AP days?

That’s what I don’t know. I did not get a chance to test it out.

I had made PR with my resort stay. Now with the new system it seems to let you make a PR under your AP on a day you already have one.