Modifying first (leading) reservation of split stay and Fastpasses

Hello all! Thanks in advance for any feedback. I am at about 70 days out from a split stay. We (wife, dd4 and dd1.5) have 2 nights at ASM before we go to BLT on rented points. There is a possibility that I will need to shorten the first reservation, ASM, to just one night. (Delay our arrival to the resort by one day.) If this happens after my fastpass day will my other fast passes for the following days be at risk of cancellation?
I have reviewed other threads but most seem to be about cancelling “leading” reservations.


You should be fine the way the system is working now! Welcome to the forum!

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Agree with @PrincipalTinker. You will have no problems. And welcome!

Sounds good. Thanks!!