Modifying FastPass+ reservation while in a Park

While IN a park, can I MODIFY any of my FP+ reservations before using ALL three?

For example. Let’s say I’ve made three FP+ reservations in advance for Epcot
9 am Soaring
10 am Mission Space
11 am Spaceship Earth
I arrive at Epcot and go directly to Soaring. I see the standby line is short. BEFORE using my FP+ for Soaring, can I modify it to another Tier A attraction like Test Track or Frozen?

yes, if they are available of course

Yes, but I can almost guarantee they won’t be available.

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In this case I would ride Soarin stand-by first, then use my FP for Soarin to ride again. After scanning my Soarin FP I would try to modify my next FP sooner.

When we went in February the modify trick work well and used it for MK, AK, and EP!

Wait, so that I’m clear here:

I have my FPs scheduled to start at 9, 10, and 11. So if I scan my first FP at 9:10, I could modify my 10:00 to an earlier time up until roughly 9:15 (if available, of course)?


If you’re planning to make rope drop, and planning to make Soarin’ your first stop, I highly recommend you don’t book a FP for it.

I have soarin as our rope drop attraction in early June. Going there at RD, TP has it as a 6 min wait. Unless you want to RD then ride again with your FP, I would suggest RD for Soarin, then FP TT or Frozen later in the morning.

Thanks for the tip…never thought of that. That could help me get to my extra FP window quicker.

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