Modifying Difficult FP

When do you have the best success modifying difficult FP? We got some not-ideal times for a few of ours and I’m checking periodically to see if there’s anything earlier available. Do a lot of people drop or modify FP a week before their trip? The day before? Same day?
When do you have the best luck?

I would check a few times every day, I think it’s 30 days beforehand to get your money back on cancelations, so just before then would be a good time too. Remember it won’t show you availability if it clashes with another FPP

I honestly check multiple times a day until I get what I want. And I usually do

Does this work after 30 days? We had to do all our bookings then. We’re 24 days out now.


I even got a friend’s boyfriend FOP modified so he could ride with the rest of them at something like 10 days out. He joined the trip very late in the game and I had to scramble to get him coordinated with them