Modifying an existing reservation

So I currently have a package booked for August that includes the quick service dining for my family of 3. We were considering taking my niece (12) too but it’s not 100 percent. The quick service dining packages end on feb 10. So my question is if I add her to our package now but then it is determined she can’t go in the future can I simply modify my reservation to 3 people? Or will I have to cancel that reservation and rebook and in turn lose my dining plan because that promotion would be over ?

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So I just called and they said that I could add her and if I take her off after promo is over it would not affect my existing package. I would just have to call in to do this. They also said I could wait and add her after the promo is over (once I confirm she is going) and she would still get the promo as it is part of our existing package. As long as I am not changing dates or resorts.
Thought I would post in case anyone else ever wondered this.


I would add her now just in case, removing is easier then adding sometimes.

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Yes Thanks I agree :slightly_smiling_face:.