Modifying ADR

Eons ago (you know, before the pandemic) we came up with a general plan for our WDW vacation dining and decided a TS at the park for lunch each day would be a nice break. Some in our party are less sure about eating inside now (only one has an outdoor area). Some, like Sci-Fi, will be hard to rebook so I’m wondering if a reservation is for 4 will it be a problem if only 2 show?

No it’s fine as long as one person shows up.


Great! I was worried since presumably they’ll have a larger table reserved for 4 than 2. It means we can play it by ear with the group since we’ll always have 2 willing to do it.

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They don’t actually have a table reserved for you, that’s not how ADRs work. You’ll be fine!

I’m glad too, as it wouldn’t let me book a table for 2 around Xmas time, but it would if I sald 3 - happened at Sci-Fi and Garden Grill; most others I could book for 2 no problem

Also going this December and wondering about the “modify then cancel” option that has been used before for cancelling ADRs. If I have HS booked and don’t get a BG at the 7:00am release, can I modify my ADR for HS that morning? Would I have to find a different day during my stay for that same restaurant? Or would I be able to reschedule, say a day in February, even though I do not have a Park Admission ticket for that day? I ask because ADRs are so limited during our stay, December 19-25, and my odds of rebooking during our stay are slim.

You never need to have anything else already (hotel, ticket, APR) to book a dining reservation, as long as it’s within the 60-day window. You can change that ADR to some future date, then cancel at your leisure, just as you suggested.