Modifying a room only reservation to drop Sat night

I haven’t finalized dates for a possible trip but was looking at room availability. I had originally been thinking Tuesday - Saturday, to avoid the more crowded weekends. In looking at the Poly I could get a room only if we stay through until Sunday. If I book it (room only so I could cancel if I needed to) and end up noting being able to stay until Sunday, what are the chances I’d be able to simply modify the reservation to be Tues-Sat without totally losing the room? TIA

I had this very same problem, but at BWI. I ended up making a separate reservation that I could cancel if necessary- basically a split stay. I think it depends on how close to the date you might want to finalize your plans & what type of room it is. The type I wanted had very few available and I knew I wouldn’t know the final dates very far in advance so I didn’t really want to risk it.

In the end, I was able to modify the uncertain part of my split stay so it worked out quite well. The worst that could happen is that you’d have to change rooms, which is. pretty unlikely.

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I have done this. Yes it worked out. It does not work out if you go below the minimum nights for the deal, and they won’t work with you. We were originally planning on staying longer and had to cut the trip short at the last minute.