Modifying a banked, current, AND borrowed reservation

Apologies if this has been covered every which way already somewhere, but I can’t seem to create search terms that get me there, so I’m going to start a new thread.

New member here (direct VGF), with a question for you DVC gurus about hypothetical reservation modifications:

Let’s begin by assuming that all this is happening more than 30 days out from a reservation, so no complicating factors like holding, etc.

Say I have a hypothetical confirmed reservation during my 2023 UY that requires exactly all of my points from three consecutive use years: 200 points borrowed from 2022, 200 current, and 200 borrowed from 2024 UY, for 600 total. If I subsequently modify that reservation to a smaller room that only uses 400 points, what happens to the remaining 200 points?

Am I correct in understanding that 1) the system SHOULD use the banked points first, then borrowed, thus leaving the “leftover” 200 points as CURRENT 2023 points, and 2) that those points would then be able to be banked into 2024?

Thanks in advance for educating me!

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I believe you are correct on all three UYs. The only thing I would add is that is true as long as you modify before your current year banking deadline.

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Agree with all of this. The system does what is best for you, which is nice.

Since we are on the subject, it is worth noting this: scenario:

Assume not within 30 days and assume this is before your banking deadline.

  • You book one 400 point stay with banked and current use year points.

  • You book a second stay and barrow 200 points.

  • You modify that 2nd stay to a stay with only 100 points.

The system will not automatically reallocate those 100 extra borrowed points to that first reservation. However, if you modify that first reservation (you don’t actuallly have to change anything, just go through the steps as if you were) then the system reshuffles the points and applies the barrowed points to the 1st reservation, freeing up the current UY for banking.

Hope that makes sense! I have had to do this a few times.

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