Modified an ADR time but it's not showing up on MDE

Yesterday I modified my ADR time for BOG. I received my confirmation email but it is not showing up on MDE. Does it sometimes take a few days to show up? I called and they confirmed my reservation for my new time and they were going to connect me to technical support but I could not wait on the line. Should I call back or just wait a few days to see if it will be linked?

Are you checking the app or web? App is known to be wonky. If you have an email confirmation and confirmed by phone I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

I checked both the web and the app. Not showing up on either. I tried linking on both the app and the web and I just got error messages. Thanks for replying. I was relieved when I spoke to someone by phone and it was showing up on their end. I would just like to see it when I’m looking at my plans to feel sure about it.

Did you try adding it yourself?

Someone in chat asked the same thing. Try going incognito in your web browser.

The same thing happened to me. I called and it is there in the system , but I can’t see it anywhere on MDE or website. I modified on Sunday right before the magic band upgrade so I am wondering if that screwed things up also. Sunday evening I did get a pop up message that they were having technical difficulties with reservations appearing.

I can’t link the dining reservation in and I still can’t upgrade my magic bands. I have tried 3 phones, an iPad, home computer and work computer. My trip isn’t until August, so I was going to wait a bit for them to fix their issues with the bands.

As for the reservation, I am saving the confirmation email as if it was gold . It was a very hard Sci Fi reservation that I modified to 1115am thanks to Touring Plans reservation finder!

Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one. My trip is also not til August. I haven’t tried the magic bands yet. Hopefully it gets resolved soon for us. There’s got to be more people having trouble I would think.

I just tried incognito and that still did not work to link it. Still saying error. Thanks tho

Last trip, my tickets disappeared from MDE for a few days :/, but eventually showed back up

MDE is very flaky. If you are using the app, it helps to log out and back in again. But that doesn’t always fix it either. I had issues with MDE on the computer too. As long as you have the email…in my experience it eventually ends up in your MDE. But it can’t hurt to call Disney and confirm too.

Thank you