Moderate Vs Deluxe

I currently have 9 day trip booked for September at POFQ. I can change my reservation to Boardwalk in for about $1k. Is it worth it? I have never stayed in a deluxe before. I know I will be a lot closer to the parks. What are the other benefits of Deluxe over moderate resorts. I can’t say that we spend much time in the room. There will be 2 adults and a child. Thanks

Usually at a deluxe the benefits are a fitness room, more choices for dining and as you said some are closer to the parks (that does not really apply the same way for AKL but it is so “worth it” for me). At BW you can walk to EP and HS and you have the choice of multiple TS dining within an easy walk- BUT- at FQ- you can walk to POR, you have the use of both resorts- a boat to DS. BW is lovely. They have great CMs but I would say the same thing about the PO resorts. That is a lot of money and I personally would stay with FQ. If transportIon is a concern you could most likely take a cab everywhere for your whole trip for under $300.


I have actually heard great things about Boardwalk specifically, both location to the parks and the resort in and of itself.
As for mod vs deluxe in general, you are right, usually easier access to parks either via walkway, monorail, boat etc…rather than strictly bus service (although I believe AKL only has bus service to all four parks), rooms are a bit larger and there are typically more restaurant to choose from (especially table service). Some of them have more elaborate pool areas too (although AofA has amazing/large
pools and it’s a value).
One other benefit of deluxe resorts (and this is just our preference) is that you go into a lobby and go up to your room which is really nice, vs. room doors that open to the outside at the moderate resorts.
POFQ comes very well recommended but I definitely don’t think you’d regret upgrading to Boardwalk if you decide to do so!

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I’ve stayed at both resorts (POFQ once, BWV twice). In my opinion, it is worth the upgrade. While you can walk to POR, we never did. It seemed too far! LOL. But, POFQ is really centrally located so the bus rides are all short. And you can take the boat to Disney Springs. It’s a great resort. It’s small & lovely.

The location of the Boardwalk is pretty much ideal. And, the rooms at the Inn are beautiful.

So, it’ll just come down to whether you are cool with the extra expense or not. You will not regret switching to BW.

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For 8 nights - that is about 115 a night then. This is what I get out of delux

Larger room, nicer atmosphere, bigger beds, and just a general upgrade in service and surroundings. Also - sorry to be a bit frank about this - but there is also a more refined clientele as well - which for me translates into a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere. For me - $1000 is worth it. Plus you can walk to epcot and HS. We stayed in the boardwalk area last time and loved just the relaxed atmosphere of it all. Being able to get back and forth to Epcot by walking - or taking the boat was nice. If you can swing it - I would do it.

I think “worth it” is very subjective.

When we upgraded for the first time, we spent about $70 extra/night. To me, that was “worth it”. We had upgraded to AKL which was our dream resort (and we fell in love, that’s another story) by using a small windfall we received. The way I looked at it was this: we had the extra $$ then to do it, and we couldn’t be sure we would ever get that chance again (we have, by the way - we are so fortunate!). I also had two friends going through treatment for cancer at that time - one was terminal, and when I thought of the things she would miss I knew I HAD to do it because I had learned through her how precious our time is.

I think “worth it” also varies from resort to resort. Some I can’t see upgrading to for any money. Others make sense if the other details of the trip make sense for it. I think if you are going deluxe it is nice if you can spend some time at the resort just enjoying the amenities.

Long story short - if $1000 is not a lot for your family, you have it, you want to spend it in this way – then it’s worth it. Do it and enjoy :slight_smile:


The older I get, the more “YOLO” I find myself being. Every trip to WDW could be your last. Go for it! :relaxed:

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I agree with @OBNurseNH “worth it” is very subjective. For me it is never worth it - if I have to “worry about” paying it off. However, the times we have stayed deluxe - there is just an extra layer of civility and calm. I enjoy getting up early in the morning and just “being” at the resort. Staying at WL - was awesome - I would get up early to hit the gym and then enjoy a cup of coffee on the catwalk to our room. It overlooked both the lobby and the lake. Mist would come off the lake and the sunrise was spectacular. It was just a few minutes each day that was a respite from the hustle and bustle of the day. My life (as I am sure it is like for so many others) it a constant mad dash to get things done. So for me it was “worth it” to just have a place to enjoy and relax.

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