Moderate Resorts?

So, we just got back from our trip and it was amazing. Naturally, I’m trying to convince DH that we need to go back ASAP. We stayed at Kidani for our last trip and it was fabulous, but if we were to go again we would be looking at the moderates. Does anyone have any favorites, and what do you like about them?

Port Orleans French Quarter is our favorite moderate. Here is what we like the most about it:

  1. It is smaller than the other moderates which makes getting in and out of the food court easy and catching buses coming and going to /from the parks easier.
  2. It is the first stop from all four theme parks. You get home first!
  3. Shares pool privileges with Riverside
  4. Arniel the doorman - Great guy!
  5. The begniets! They are available gluten free too!
  6. The theming - Love all the nice accents.

We have stayed at the Carribean Beach and Coronado Springs. POFQ is our favorite!


I have no personal experience, but I’d like to stay at French Quarter, it looks lovely and the boat ride to disney springs would be nice. It’s a common favourite. Those that stay at Coronado are fans, and like the better facilities but others avoid it because of the convention crowd. Caribean has many fans and at some point in the near future it will have the added transportation to EP & HS

Agree with @parsonsrt, POFQ for all those reasons, there is only 1 bus stop and even if you share with POR ( we did it twice in 2 weeks) you’re the first pick up or drop off.

Agree with @parsonsrt about POFQ. I also love POR. I’ve only ever stayed in a Royal Room, which are delightful. Full-on Disney theming right there in your room. I have a love-hate relationship with POR’s food court, but it’s a nice walk to POFQ if you’re dying for beignets or chicken on a biscuit. For both POFQ and POR, the boat to DS is s big selling point.
I also enjoyed CBR, pre-construction. I’m sure it’s still great.

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We have stayed at POR and CBR pre construction. Both resorts were quiet and beautiful. POR and French quarter share buses at times. POR has less stops than CBR. We did not have any issues with buses when leaving the resorts, but we were also close to the first stop both trips. The DS boat from POR was a great bonus. We thought the food court was better at POR and the pool was better at CBR.

We’ve stayed at both CSR & POFQ. We loved POFQ for many of the reasons mentioned above. I’m not a fan of the food at POFQ because I’m actually Cajun and the food is a sad imitation. However, I do like that they have the Coca Cola Freestyle machines in the food court. This made the use of the refillable mug much more enjoyable as I’m not a soda drinker. I could mix powerade flavors which was nice in the July heat. Accessing the food court at CSR wasn’t near as convenient and they only had the “old school” 5 or 6 options for drinks. I love how the theming is done at POFQ down to the smallest detail. For example, we were doing laundry one day and I was standing in front of the machines on the back row. I noticed on the wall in a frame what appeared to be an invitation. With closer inspection, I saw it was an invitation from a late 1800’s Krewe of Rex ball and the other frame contained a Krewe of Comus invitation. This is an amazing piece of New Orleans history that most don’t get to see. These are two of the oldest Mardi Gras Krewe’s in the city. I got super excited and texted pictures of them to my friends in krewes. POFQ feels like New Orleans (architecture, trees, etc.), but much cleaner and intimate. We enjoyed our time at CSR, but it didn’t feel like we were transported to South America like I did at POFQ.

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Our family has only stayed at moderates (Once each at CBR, POFQ & PORR and twice at Coronado) I honestly feel we don’t have a favorite, but I guess it would be Riverside simply because that was the last place we went and is most freshest in our minds. I think if a lot of walking is a detriment for you Coronado would be the first one to eliminate, but in my opinion, it is the most beautiful of the moderates and our family has no issues with lots of walking. CBR would be a big desire if you are planning a trip a year or more out since the gondolas are coming and all of the new upgrades (my guess it will be easily go up in price more than the others as soon as the construction is gone) The great thing about the Port Orleans resorts is the boats to Disney Springs, so if you plan on taking more than one trip there, you should pick one of those two for sure. It really depends on what you own individual priorities are. I think CBR has the best pool, CSR has the best relaxed atmosphere and the Orleans resorts have a little more condensed feel to them with currently better dining options. That was a lot to say considering you can’t go wrong with any of them in my opinion.

Another vote for Port Orleans French Quarter for all listed reasons. Mostly because the smallness of it makes it quick and easy to negotiate. And my 5 yr old loved the water slide in the pool.

We stayed at POR and loved it. The swimming pool with the bar was particularly great. The slide in it was adult size and entertaining (we all rode it). We also had a building right next to a quiet pool, which was great for the afternoons where the pool party was going on. We loved the bus stop a short distance away from our room. During the week we were there, we never shared bus services.

The food court was not the best, but for us that was anticipated. We are going to the parks again this year and we almost went back to POR because we loved it so much!