Moderate Resort or MVMCP

We are planning a trip for the end of this year and in the process of booking the hotel stay. I would love to hear people’s opinions on whether it’s worth spending the extra money to stay at a moderate resort or stay at a value resort and have a night at the Christmas party. When I price it out it looks like $700+ to stay at a moderate hotel compared to the value hotel.

Depends on a couple of things IMO, how many people and ages of people in the room and whether you plan to spend a lot of time hanging out at the resort (pool, meals, relaxing, etc). For me, I’d rather stay longer and have better experiences than stay in a better hotel. But some people are more willing to pay for convenience with deluxe or amenities with deluxe/moderates. It just depends on your preferences. We loved the MVMCP when we went a couple years ago. It was so fun to be at MK with all the Christmas decorations and hot chocolate and the parade and snow on Main Street.

Thanks for the quick reply!!! I’m hoping to be able to extend this to an 8 night visit. Our hotel choices based on pricing are Port Orleans or Pop Century. One of my dilemmas is we have three kids (11,8,6) so we can’t all fit in a room at Pop Century, however, my in laws will be joining us and have said they are happy to have one of the kids in their room. I don’t think we will spend a lot of time at the resort but want it to be a comfortable place to be able to take a break from the parks occasionally

My family also prefers the experiences over the higher quality room. We typically are in the parks from rope drop until the park closes though, so we spend very little time in the room. We stayed at Pop Century in 2014 and really enjoyed our stay. We also did MVMCP that year and LOVED IT!

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Depending on your dates you may be able to book discount rates through Magical Vacations Travel. I booked for us first weekend in Dec (to go to MVMCP) and got POR at 30-40% off. They also had some rates available for discount at budget resorts too. I just went to their webpage and submitted quote request.

We used MVT and got Pop for $102 per night the first week of Dec! Don’t plan on spending much time by the pool for this time of year, so I figured why spend the extra money on a mod/deluxe? Plus, Pop will be fully refurbished by then and the rooms look great!

It really matters who is in your travel party. Where else have you stayed?

Oh I see this now.

POR has sleeping for 5 in some rooms.

I really enjoyed the MVMCP…

I keep changing my reply LOL

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I have pricing from MVT and the pricing for both Pop and Port Orleans is great. If we stay 8 nights we would still save over $700 by staying at Pop Century. We have been to Disney twice before. The first time we rented a condo off site, which would be my husbands preference for this trip too. The second time we were at Caribbean Beach. For this trip we have my in laws joining us. They are in their 70’s and have never been to Disney. They are definitely frugal people but I want to make sure it’s a good experience for them. I think staying on site makes the most sense so they are free to come and go on their own schedule rather than being dependent on us for transportation if we were to stay off site.


This is what I keep saying about my teenagers. If we stay off site to save money (as we have 6 people) then we have to accommodate their desires to sleep in! If in bubble, they can choose to skip RD and meet us at lunch if they want and everyone is happy even if it costs more.


Also to keep in mind- when I was pricing for offsite I found it would actually be cheaper for us to stay at POR with the MVT discount once I added in transportation from the airport (parking fees/ car rental) and resort fees.

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I love my moderate resorts. I just got back from a trip Sunday and we stayed at POP in a refurbished room and I really loved it there. I would not hesitate to stay at POP in the future. I also stayed one night at ASM and I did not like it at all. I hope this helps.

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Do you get quotes from MVT at the same time as you would book through Disney or do they have better promotions at different times? For example, when should I get quotes for my Nov 2018 trip and/or my Mar 2019 trip? 7 months out or do they get deals released later?

I’m looking at MVT now for November/ December. They have agency exclusive deals where from my understanding they have committed to a certain number of rooms at a group rate for those dates. These are the rates that I’m finding to be better than any other offers out there. I had to play around with dates a little bit for our trip in order to fall in the window of their dates but Darcy has been very helpful. Here’s a link to the current promotion dates

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Thank you!! This is very helpful! The refurbished room and queen size beds are a definite plus.

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As @lewismm replied the link shows what dates MVT is offering discounts for. The dates go through 2018. I’m not sure what deals you would get beyond those dates. You likely will have to wait for 2019 but you can email in that specific question to make sure. I emailed different requests a few times when the MVT TA I was assigned (Sharon) very helpfully sent me a list of what they had available during our potential dates and then I picked from that list.