Moderate resort coffee pods

Does anyone know the make/model of coffee machines. I’m trying to find coffee pods. Some pods include a plastic tray, or otherwise specific to a manufacturer. Thank you.

I think they are cuisinart single serve coffee makers. I bring melita coffee pods with me when we go. They are flat pods that just have a filter around them. No plastic.

Thank you. Do you know if there are ceramic mugs in room or paper cups?

AOA had paper coffee cups in the suites in December. We were at CSR is June and they had ceramic mugs (they may have been plastic). I brought some of the disposable coffee cups with us in December that I bought at the grocery store. They came with the lids and it was easy to use them on our way to the bus. I also brought mini creamers because I don’t like the powdered creamer they give in the room.

Awesome thoughts. I am having half and half delivered. Could not find any pods in Wegmans. Just purchased disposable coffee cups with lids!

The Value resorts don’t have coffee makers in the rooms unless you are in suites at AoA or Music. The moderates have styrofoam cups. Coronado last year had these hard plastic mugs that were supposed to look high-class ceramic. But they were, IMO, terrible because they ended up retaining a coffee smell and taste and therefore didn’t always seem clean. They had been cleaned, they just absorbed odor. Icky. The Deluxe resorts have ceramic.


I think I bought my pods at Wegmans, but they were in a different part of the coffee aisle than the kcups. I will check today when I am there.

So do they provide pods also at the moderates or do you have to bring your own? I would only want one cup a day anyway.

Wow…These photos are great!! You can never remember stuff like this but having a picture…now that’s smart. I’m impressed (and depressed wishing I was this organized LOL).