Moderate (Caribbean Beach Resort) or Rent DVC points?

Hey ya’ll! We are planning a trip to Disney in October 2017. We have a room booked through Disney for CBR with the $75/day gift card, but with the official announcement of them building the Riviera DVC property, I have been looking into the options of renting (and maybe later buying) DVC points. I know nothing about renting DVC points, so though it looks like the cost is similar, I’m a little overwhelmed with this option right now…but AKL is the #1 on our ultimate list of where we’d like to stay, so if it’s possible, I want to pursue it. Any opinions on renting DVC points at AKL for this October trip vs staying at CBR? If we do go the route of renting DVC points, is there anything I really need to know? Thanks for any input!!

The first thing to realise about renting DVC points is that you really need to be planning more than 11 months ahead. Currently there is no availability at AKL (either resort) for more than the odd night in a studio. L

Members who own at AKL can book 11 months out, others who own elsewhere can book there at 7 months out. Less than that and Old Key West or Saratoga Springs are your best chance. But September through to December are very popular times. The longer ahead you can plan, the better your chances.

I suggest you take a look at David’s site to find out more about renting.
Main things, apart from planning way ahead include the fact that it’s non refundable if you cancel. But tickets, fastpasses, ADRs, ME, magic bands etc etc are just the same as booking a hotel room onsite. :smile:

agree with above. But good luck. I would see what you can do to rent points. They MAY (probably will) be more expensive that the Moderates - but they are cheaper than booking Deluxe. Good luck

Agree with this. I have tried twice to rent DVC. First time was about 7 months in advance, second time around 9 months and neither resulted in what we were looking for (either BC, YC, BW or AKL). Give it a try, just don’t get your hopes up! I’m sure the savings are significant, just not a ton of availability if you’re not looking that far in advance.

Thanks y’all!! One more question - I initially thought about renting because we were thinking about buying into DVC. Is it really hard to find the reservations you want if you are an owner? I mean, I understand about the while 11 months vs 7 months booking priority, but I’m rethinking the idea of buying in if we will be frustrated in not getting the resorts we want when we want them. I know that holidays are the busiest, so I wouldn’t be looking for traveling during the holidays, but likely Summer or October timeframes.

I would always advise you buy where you would be happy to stay. That way you can book at 11 months, know you are going, and then try and switch at 7 months. It is usually possible, but for certain resorts, times, room sizes and categories it is is harder to all but impossible.

For example, If you want to stay in the Epcot area during Food & Wine, you need to buy there. GFV is small so difficult if you don’t own there. AKL value rooms, BLT standard are difficult except at 11 months.

Summer is typically OK. October to December is a very high demand time for DVC. Early December is a very low point value time so everyone tries to book.

OKW and SSR are the best bets for busy times and late bookings.

All of the above posters have offered good advice/info. For more details on renting points in general, check out

Great post, I was going to ask a very similar question.

Not that it is for everyone but you can also check out Disboards DVC or Mouseowner Rent/trade/transfer forums. These are forums where DVC owners are renting their points out themselves rather than going through an actual company to rent their points out for them. Often times you can get the reservation you want cheaper than what a DVC rental store will give you because it essentially cuts out the middle man. It also cuts out the security. I rented from someone on Disboards…I got AKL nine months out by renting from an individual when the DVC rental store couldn’t get me a reservation. I made sure to check references and we signed a contract. It’s worth looking into anyway.