Mod vs. Renting Points

Starting to plan a tentative trip for Sept 2015 with my mom. Last time, I stayed at POR and absolutely loved it! Since September typically has RO discounts, I priced out $1522 for POR for 10 nights including a 25% discount. For the same dates, David’s DVC Rentals has AKL value studio at $1386, BWV standard studio $1526, OKW studio also $1526. Or I could look at trying a different mod, but the size of CSR scares me, and I’m not sure about the food at either CSR or CBR (ie. gluten-free/friendly). Anyone with advice on AKL studio, BWV, or OKW? Or should I stick with what I know and love?

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Hey there - we could be just like you! POR is our favorite mod, but we did rent points at BWV one year. (2010) It was the best trip we ever took. It was in the fall, so we had F&W steps away at EP. The room itself was beautiful, pool view studio, with a little balcony. We rarely are the type to just spend time and hang out at the resort, but we did twice that trip, just because it was awesome. I’m not sure how your family compares to mine - we are two adults, no kids - so if it is just going to be you and your mom, for essentially the same price, I would pick BWV.

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We rented points for a VWL studio and it was great. The kitchenette was perfect for us, as we like to have a basic breakfast in the room and pack our own lunch/snacks. A couple of things to bear in mind about your choices: you are very unlikely to get an AKV Value studio as they are quickly snapped up by owners, and OKW has the largest DVC studios with 2 queen beds rather than 1 queen and a sofa bed.

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I rent points for BWV every fall and love it. The theming, location, proximity to great restaurants and HS and EP are awesome. For me, it actually comes out cheaper than staying at a mod. (I get points for $10pp from a family member) If you can do it, I say rent points and try something different.

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Are kitchenettes included in all DVC, even studios? What’s all included with it? And good to know about OKW! I would love to have a separate bed, although it’s not the end of the world if mom and I shared.

DVC Studios have kitchenettes, and 1BR and up have a full kitchen. The 1BR and up also have a washer/dryer, but there are free common washer/dryer facilities for the Studios. has full room inventories for all DVC Resorts - here is a link to the inventory for OKW

I stayed at OKW Studio in Sept 2013 with my Ds12. It was nice to have the 2 queen beds & a small kitchen so Ds could eat breakfast in the room. We usually stay POR or POFQ & love it there. My only complaint was we had building 53 or 55, with a bus stop & small pool steps from our door, but the main lobby & food was a 7-10 min walk & no car. That was a long walk at the end of a long park day. Also there is no real QS food court like at PO.

We rented two nights from David’s last minute in September and was able to get AKL standard view. As @brklinck said, value studios are gone almost immediately. I had difficulty at 11 months out with DVC Rental Store securing BWV as well as there was nothing available. I loved AKL and that’s our new resort. If we can’t book it, we’ll book OKW just for parking out front or BLT to be able to walk to MK.

So many different choices now that I’m looking at DVC! These are my comparables that I’ve got (so far). Advice/opinions/recommendations?