Mocktails beyond sugar water?

There are so many great non-alcoholic beverages that keep the bitterness and complexities of alcohol, but it sounds like mocktails at disney are almost ALL sugar-sugar-sugar?

Are there any places that stock some of these non-alcoholic cocktail bases?

The Best New Fancy Non-Alcoholic Spirits, From Seedlip to Ghia (

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Good shrubs (vinegar-based drinks) are also appreciated, especially if house-infused, but commercial is fine.

Thank you!

I’ve definitely heard people on here talking about getting Seedlip in the world. Cannot remember from where though. Possibly Nomad?

You might try running them through the menu search tool:✓&search=Seedlip&location=&category=


Thanks! I’d have to do that for each possible faux-alcohol, right? Or do more items show up classified as “Non-Alcoholic Spirit” if I search with that? I will explore today!

Thank you again! This definitely helps!

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And I have done such a search now (kentucky 74, ghia, optimist, ritual…) and so far the two Seedlip drinks that @amvanhoose found are the only results of that kind. The only use of a shrub was as an ingredient in a traditional cocktail.

(I’m hoping now for these to break through and become an option, like meatless burgers: you can have beef or impossible. so your cocktails can be with XYZ, or with Optimist’s Emulation of XYZ.)


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Wow! this is very interesting. Thanks for posting. I’m a very hard drinker and had no idea a whole world of options existed for non-alcoholic beverages.

I can’t help you but I can add that Oga’s non-alcoholic beverages are fun, not interesting and still sugary but fun.

i love red wine, sour beers, manhattans, and some “ancient cocktails” from my “A-Z of forgotten cocktails” book, but now, they no longer love me back. :frowning:

I get you. I used to have the endurance of an Irish sailor but that is slowly going away.

Since you like sour beers, have you tried the Rainbow Sherbet from Praire Artisan Ales? It’s alcoholic but it does taste like rainbows!

I tried a few other searches and found one more:

I also wonder if you brought your own if they wouldn’t mix it up for you? With it being non-alcohol, there shouldn’t be any regulatory concerns. Do any of them come in “mini bar” sizes?

We’re flying, and trying to avoid checking bags, so that’d have to count as a “1” on our “311 liquids.”

Citricos is way beyond our budget – interesting how many of these are in the resorts – I was hoping that something like the Abracadabra bar would have a “magically faux-booze” menu section." Not just virgin knockoffs, but drinks designed to work with the unique qualities of these beverages.

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It [Rainbow Sherbet from Praire Artisan Ales] sounds interesting, but not worth the multi-day depression that even small amounts of alcohol have been having on me.