Mobile ordering and resort hopping

Okay, I’m confused, I have seen multiple conflicting reports of being able to drive and park at resorts if you have a mobile order. With limited options and parks closing early, we want to try many of the QS restaurants at the resorts, but if we drive ourselves are we going to be allowed in? I’d also like to do a QS at one of the MK resorts so we easily get into the park and have breakfast before hand (we’re staying at AKL and don’t think Sanaa is going to cut it everyday). We’d also like to eat at Geyser Point, but how is that possible if we’re driving our own car?

Some people are adamant that yes, if you show the security guard your order you can get in, and others have said they’ve been turned away. Is it really just luck of the draw?

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Yes, i would like to do dinner at Gyser Point after MK day. Was wondering the same, how to get in.

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We just returned and I have a couple experiences I can share. Note - we did not drive our own car so YMMV.
We were staying at CBR so on our MK day, I booked breakfast at the Wave and took a ride share to contemporary. Told the guard we had a breakfast reservation and let through with no issues.
On another evening, we took a ride share from AK and because we were staying in the CBR building right next to Riviera (and wanted to grab as there), we had the ride share take us to riviera. He went in the lane for guests to scan their bands (if they are guests of the hotel) and of course our bands didn’t work. So the guard berated the Lyft driver and after showing him the mobile order on my phone he let us through.
I’ve always had my order screen ready just in case they needed more proof and haven’t run into any issues.

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Thanks for your experience! I’m hoping we’ll be allowed in if we show our mobile order, it would just be awful for them to not allow that with all the limited dining at AKL and in the parks!

I don’t think you will have any trouble!

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Does anyone know if this is still happening? We are going in March and staying dvc and wanted to check out okw, ssr, maybe even swim since dvc can pool hop. Not finding updated info. We are driving

We will be arriving this week (Orlando stay, no park tickets) so I will update here as we have experiences. Hoping to visit many resorts for QS/shopping.
This is greatly outdated info, but in January of 2019 we were able to enter AoA to have breakfast. They don’t do ADRs since it’s just QS.


Pre-covid you could enter any resort for QS or shopping. Some have been sharing a hit-or-miss on using mobil order to get into a resort. Only ways to guarantee to get onto a resort, w/o being a guest, property Use internal transportation. Access through DS or through an ADR.

I will add that gate guards rarely looked to read my MDE reservation. I had it open and ready but have wondered if I could have just said I had an ADR ( not really) and been allowed in. Not honest. QS at resorts is all mobil order right now too and doesn’t look very appetizing. I’m sure a recent visitor could speak to that more.

Keep in mind you can always ride the bus to the resort.

We drive to Disney but almost always use Disney transport. In December 2020 we used buses exclusively. Every time, the bus driver would step off the bus, ask how many, and then direct us to our seats. As well as directing others to their seats. Front part of the bus filled from the front door. And if front was filled, passengers for the back loaded from the back door.
The top vent, in the roof, was always open. Most everyone I saw stayed masked. Except for one 20 something with extended family at the far back of the bus.
We’ve been home since 23 December and have not been sick.
I like the idea of using Disney gas while on property. And not having to navigate. It’s possible for us to get lost even using a navigator app on a phone. We’re hopeless. :confounded:

Have a great time. Looking forward to your experiences. I think DH would love a resort only trip. He loves to eat. Way more than walking 10 miles a day in a park.

Thanks for the clarification. I guess we’ll see what our experience is when I try the QS mobile order.

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Pool hopping perk is suspended still. And yes restricted entry it is still happening. Either use Disney transport, have an ADR or a mobile order.


I wish all resort locations had MO. It seems silly to MO from Captain Cook’s and cancel it because what I actually want is Dole Whip but that’s not an option.