Mobile Order Questions

On our HS day, we’re hoping to do a Ronto Wrap (the lunch one, not the breakfast one) and both blue & green alcoholic milk. So, a few questions:

  1. If I go into the app at park open and set my arrival window at 11am, will I be able to order the lunch ronto wrap, or is it going to still show breakfast only items until it’s actually 11am?

  2. Will it let me have overlapping windows, or if not, how close together can the windows be? (Assuming we were planning on drinking the milks to wash down the wrap, so might be in the same pickup window for both…)

  3. Roughly how early should I plan to click “I’m here, prepare my food” - i’ve heard people saying waits can be really long? Do I need to be in a certain physical proximity to do so? Can I only click that once I’m in my pickup window?

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  1. Should have lunch based on the time you pick.

  2. Yes. We had multiple times that our windows overlapped

  3. It won’t let you click it until you’re pretty darned close to the venue. And yes only during your pickup window will it become available for o click


I’ve been able to be a 4 or 5 minute walk from the QS several times and still been able to say “I’m here”.

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I had 2 times mobile ordering where it apparently clicked “I’m here” for me. I never figured out why. The first time, by the time I saw it, it said I never showed up and they would charge me anyway. (They just remade the food). The second time I hurried up and got my Dole Whip!