Mobile order pick up/payment

OK. This may be a weird question but I am wondering if you have to tap your magic band (or ticket) when you pick up your mobile order?

My husband will be using my magic band (and FP) to ride ToT and I would like to save time by taking care of our order at Woody’s. I will be the only member of our party with an AP and am wondering if I will need a magic band at all or if using his will be a problem. Thoughts?

Anyone can use mobile ordering, you don’t need a Magic Band. You order and pay on your MDE account and it is charged to the credit card on your account. You click on the app when you arrive at the restaurant. Then they yell out your name? Order number? I don’t quite recall but they call out to you in the mobile ordering window.

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That’s what I’m hoping for. Then I can make him rush across the park after he rides and I can make a leisurely stroll. :grin:

Technically you can both take a calm stroll because you press “I’m here for my order!” When you actually get there or when you’re a few steps from the restaurant. It really does make everything very easy! You can get a table first and then press “I’m here!” It cuts back completely on the waiting and rushing!

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MO is completely on your phone and unrelated to your MB. :+1:

Thanks for the help. I am trying to build in opportunities for slow walking and waiting for my DIL. If we can do the walk from ToT to TSL at a leisurely pace and let my DH, DS and DGD catch up to us it will help her out. :smile: