Mobile order - no cheap water?

I was browsing some of the mobile order menus. I noticed that a normal bottle of water is not on the menu at any of the restaurants I looked at. I saw H20+ Premium Water for $5… I definitely don’t need that. So is there a way to order like a $3 bottle of water? Or will I have to pick up a bottle somewhere before mobile ordering? And anyone know Universal’s price for water? Thanks!

You can just ask for the free regular cups of water like in WDW.


Yup, and we will do that sometimes. But it’s also nice to have a bottled water. Anyone know if Universal sells regular bottled water?

Yes they do. All over the place.

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Great! Do you know how much it is?

TP menu finder shows $2.99 but that might have changed. My pro tip is not to buy water from a counter service place and instead go to one of the gift shops to buy. Each one has a cooler with drinks.✓


Thank you!