Mobile Options

Hi All, will be in Disneyworld for 2.5 weeks as of Monday and was looking for advice on what options would be the best to get a Mobile pre-paid plan for the time we are there. I’ve heard quite a few different options but I’m looking for something fairly cheap that gives me enough data while at Disney for standard disney app etc and the ability to SMS my wife when we get separated (and maybe calls back to Australia as needed).

Any suggestions?

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So awesome you’re going already! We’re also in Australia and heading over for Christmas. When we looked into mobile options none of them seemed very affordable for just texting and a reasonable amount of data. We are leaving our sim cards at home and using the free wifi to use the app, and a free messaging app like Viber or WhatsApp both for keeping in touch when we separate and for letting the family back home know we are still alive.

Hope this helps!

Edited to add: forgot to mention, apparently not all Aussie phones are compatible for making calls in the US because some phones don’t have the right frequency options to make calls in the US. I’m not very knowledgeable about this and found it difficult to understand when I tried to look into it. I opted for the free option instead.

Currently sitting in the wilderness lodge. Room wifi has been great and we’ve used it to Skype call family with no issues. Wifi in the park has been ok. No real issues other than logging in every now and then. We ended up not doing the mobile thing and I honestly don’t regret it. :slight_smile: hope that helps out some what?!

Secondary to this we used google hangouts and Skype messaging for keeping in sms contact with home and sending back photos as well.

As a security nut (and IT person) I do not use public WiFi to do anything. If I am on a computer, I will use encrypting software if I absolutely must use public WiFi, but I won’t do that on my phone. That’s just me.

That said, I think Walmart has one for good prices for pre-paid mobile phones/service with unlimited data, calls, text, etc.