Mobil food ordering

Is there an easy way on the app to filter only the dining locations that provide mobile ordering? I was going through the app tonight and did not see that option in filters?

Unfortunately, when they updated/changed the app last year the option to begin on “mobile order” and then choose the participating restaurant is gone.

It will show up in the App once you are on property. Once you get inside the property’s Geo fence you will see an option appear on the App for Mobile Ordering on the Home Screen. It will list every eatery & let you filter.

You can’t preview the mobile order stuff in advance. They don’t want people to somehow order food from across the country!! :rofl:


Well get the heck out. Thanks for the correction!


Yeah… I knew you’d appreciate knowing! I saw your answer and was confused because I “knew” I’d seen it recently. Then I remembered, “Oh! I’m not there now! That’s why it’s gone!”

I just always wish I was there!


Dammit that Latest sort feature got me again



Great, thanks for the info. I guess that makes sense, but also makes it hard to plan around mobile ordering. :+1:

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Go to this page: Universal Orlando

Then scroll down and click on the link for “List of Participating Restaurants”.

I would pick out some of your favorites and each restaurant page will say if it uses mobile order.

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