Moana wait time

Heading to Hollywood Studios in two weeks. Is there anywhere I can find the wait times for the Moana meet and greet? I know there’s no FP option, so I want to plan my day accordingly. If I can’t get there when it opens, is there another time of day when there’s usually a lull? Thanks!

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We saw Moana at 9:30 on a day that had 8:00am Extra Magic Hours. Moana didn’t start meeting until 9:00am and we walked right in at 9:30am with a 2-3 minute wait. We tried to go back again on a different day both in the early afternoon and early evening and the wait time was 45-60 minutes. Go in the morning if you can…especially if it is on a day where you can get in early and ride few rides without fast passes.

We were there this morning! Park opening was 9:00. We arrived at 10:15 and had a half hour wait.