Moana gone?

Saw something over on the Disney mom blog about April 16, 2017 (today!) being the last day that Moana will appear at Hollywood Studios. Can anyone who’s been recently verify if they’ve heard the same? My kiddo has really been looking forward to meeting Moana, but we were at MK today and aren’t heading to HS until Thursday, April 20.

If she is indeed gone, anyone know if she might be posted somewhere else soon? TIA.

When I was there in December 2016, I saw her at the Poly. Saw here standing outside while waiting to eat at Ohana. I don’t know id that was a once time event or something that they were doing, or still are doing.

Rumor has it she might move to MK. Nothing verified anywhere that I’ve seen though.


check Kenny the Pirate Character Locator.

She is no longer listed on Kenny’s site. :cry: No response to questions about her relocation.

I had previously seen her listed in HS but she hasn’t shown up recently on the Characters tab on MDE. That sucks.

I read today that Moana will be moving to Adventureland in MK!

I hope this is true! We will be there next week and if we don’t meet Moana I’ll have a very disappointed 5yo…

Great! Any idea if this is immediate?

This was from two days ago on Chip and Co but I saw it in multiple other places. No info yet on when that change is effective but I’ll definitely share when I see anything!