Moana and Animal Kingdom Inspired Ears


Moana Inspired Ears for DS girlfriend. I was reluctant to try after watching video after video, but they were fairly simple. The hardest part was cutting foam board with an exacto. I have not hand embroidered in over 40 years, (high school home ec), but thanks to you tube, it all came back. Overall, I'm pleased and can see more in my future.


Wow! I am sure she will love them!


I saw them on Facebook, you did a great job with them, so pretty!


Very cool! Need to show my crafty DD10!


Good job! Love them!


Wow! I absolutely LOVE them!


Those are fabulous!


Decided to cut up an old dress for Animal Kingdom inspired ears.

Animal Kingdom :heavy_check_mark:
Moana :heavy_check_mark:
Blue Fairy MNSSHP .... is proving to be a challenge


Great job! Have you worn ears to the park before? I'm wondering if they are a problem on rides.


I've worn other similar ears. I always take my ears off and hold or put in backpack. There is the option of alligator clips. There is a you tube video showing a secure 2-clip each side tutorial


Finished up Evil Queen and Snow White today. Doing a 7D bounding our first day in the park Oct 9th.


My Snow ears for 7D bounding Oct 9th.


So fun!